Google+ Marketing: Why Marketers Should Not Overlook Google+

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In this episode Jesse Stay shares insights into Google’s strategy and what Google+ means for your business.

Have you given up on Google+? Are you wondering whether it is worth managing yet another social network? To address some of the benefits and misconceptions of Google+ marketing, I interview Jesse Stay for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Google+ for Marketers
Here are some interesting Google+ stats:

  • 250 million Google+ accounts, 150+ million active users, 50% sign on daily (Google I/O 2012 conference)
  • 69.4% male (Google+ Social Statistics)
  • Most Google+ users are mobile, not desktop users (The Google+ Developers Blog)

Jesse explains why you cannot compare Google+ to Facebook and why he thinks Google+ is more comparable to Twitter. You’ll learn why Google+ is more than a destination site. Find out how the Google+ platform is intended to be a layer on top of all other Google products and how Google+ is becoming integrated into the entire Google experience.

How Google+ can help you

Jesse explains why you first need to look at your Google strategy to figure out how your business can use Google+ best. For example, your Google+ marketing can help you to:

  • Improve your search results in Google
  • Bring social connections into your YouTube videos
  • Add a CRM experience into Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Build connections through Google Hangouts

When you establish a presence on Google+, build relationships there and get endorsements on the content that you share through Google+, you increase your Google search ranking.

Identify your Google strategy first.

The future of Google+

Jesse talks about how Google has proven rumors wrong. Google+ recently released new capabilities for notifications on the Google+ platform. Plus Google+ also has a much stronger integration into Google Apps and you’re now able to restrict conversations from sharing outside of the domain. This gives Google+ more privacy and makes it more friendly for business use. Google+ is continuing to grow and add more features.

Jesse shares how Google+ can help you gain an edge in Google search engine results. He explains why there is no easier way to get better ranking in search at the moment than by building a Google+ presence. Learn how to give authority to the content that Google is indexing within Google search results.

Google+ marketing tools

At this time, most third-party social media tools do not integrate with the Google+ API. This can make it challenging for busy marketers to add yet another social media network to their marketing mix. Jesse says to have patience and anticipates they will be releasing APIs at some time.

You’ll hear about Webmaster Tools where you can find, for example, statistics to help you track how your content is affected within search results as a result of people liking it on Google+.

Listen to the show to hear more about how Webmaster Tools work and why Google Analytics is valuable to you.

Google+ tips and advice

Create your own Hangouts and get to know people on Google+.

Go to to learn what Google+ can do for your business. For instance, you can add social actions to your Adsense ads and you can add +1 buttons to your ads and link those to your Google+ page.

Listen to the show to find out more.

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