Presidential Politics from the Perspective of a 7-Year-Old

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During the last presidential election, my family consisted of me, my husband, my son (who was 3) and my daughter (who was 14 months). This time around, the older kids are 7 and 5 and the twins are now almost 17 months old. We live in a larger home on more land. Both of our dogs have passed on, but we now have an outdoor cat who hangs out around here. We’re driving a minivan most places instead of a compact car.

And my oldest child can read. Everything.

For this reason alone I am ready to call a media blackout in our house. We already skip news when the kids are around because so much of it would cause them anxiety. The kids beg us to change the radio from talk radio to music when we’re on the road. And now I’ve got to stop reading news online when my son is awake because he reads over my shoulder, the little stinker.

My reason for shielding him from most of this is that I still like his innocence. I still want him to experience the world as new and wonderful and full of possibility. I don’t want him to see the politics of the adult world just yet because it ain’t a pretty place right now.

Regardless of which political candidates you support, the campaigns this year have already cranked up the vitriol. And I’m just tired of it.. [MORE]

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